Strategies for Teaching Writing

Handwriting  Without Tears is one of my favorite programs to use when teaching children to write.  Some children are very excited and thrilled about the idea of being able to write, while others are less interested and find it to be, “too hard.”  Whether your child loves, hates or is somewhere in the middle, this program provides many great strategies for getting your child to write.  Following are some great ideas.

  • Make writing fun!  We want our kids to want to learn.  Have them do Letter writing in sand, shaving cream or bubbles.  This helps them with the shape of the letters in a fun and creative way.
  • Have children complete fun worksheets that have tracing and amazing pictures to color.  This way they feel like they are having a fun ‘arts and crafts’ time.
  • Have children trace their name each and every day.  Most children want to be able to write their name and are interested in themselves at this age.  By having the child trace his/her name frequently, muscle strength is increased, fine motor skills are being developed and letter creation abilities are being enhanced.
  • Try different type of writing tools.  Students often work well with a small crayon or pencil as this will help with their grip.  Experiment and see what works best.  Sometimes a pencil grip is a great way to hep the child, as well!

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