Strategies for Teaching Reading

Let’s Read.  Developing a love of reading is truly a gift.  Studies have found that reading has been shown to be the #1 skill associated with academic, career, and life long success.  It is never too early so lets get some books in the hands of our kiddies!  Following are some great strategies for teaching read that can be used at home or in the classroom.

  • Let the children see adults reading!  If the children see how much parents enjoy reading, then they are going to be much more excited to pick up a book.
  • Take a ‘Picture Walk’ as soon as your child is able to look at a Board Book with the following steps.
    • Look at the cover of the book and discuss what you and the child may think may happen in this story.
    • Highlight the ‘author’ and ‘illustrator’ and what those words mean.
    • Have the child discuss his/her thoughts of the pictures before words are even read.
    • Ask the child what he/she thinks will be happening next in the plot.
    • Review the book at the end and ask children specific questions.
  • Read out loud to your child for at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Have your child read a story to you.  This may be a book that has been read 100 times and they have it memorized, but this will help them to gain confidence.
  • Point out words on signs as you are moving throughout your day.  This will help with word recognition.
  • Put up pictures of words throughout the house and classroom so children can increase their word association.

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