At-home Activities

Learning truly begins at home and it can easily be incorporated into your daily routine in a fun and interactive way.  I believe that learning should always be fun and exciting at home.  If you child sees that you love to learn, then he/she is going to want to learn as well.  Here are some of my favorite at-home activities to help a child learn to read and write.

  • Get them in the kitchen with you!  Find a great recipe and work with your child to read you the steps.  This may look like pointing to the few words that the child knows at a very early age or could be much more advanced by having your child read all of the steps.  I love this as we are all busy and this is a great way to get a healthy meal on the table while helping your child read!
  • Have your child help you with the daily activity list.  I often have several items that I need to take care of during the day.  Have your child help you write or read your errand list so they are a part of the process and developing critical skills.
  • Carry a list of site words in your purse or pocket.  While you are waiting in line, pull them out and go through them.  Even if your child learns 1 more word in that spare 5 minutes, it is a win!
  • Read with your child each and every night.  It is so important to Read!  This is the absolute #1 way to enhance your child’s academic success.  The time that you set aside every night to sit down and read with your child is truly priceless.  As your child advances, he/sh can start to read to you!
  • Point out words wherever you are.  You would be amazed at how many signs we see each and every day.  Take advantage of every moment to read that word out loud and point it out to your child.  This will help them with word recognition.  Take the time to sound out the letters and words to strengthen phonemic awareness and phonics.
  • Rhyming Games:  I always like to ask my child what rhymes with _____?  The words can get much harder as they grow, but it is always a fun one.  As they get old enough they can try to stump us!

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